Doors – an exhibit of art !

The textbook definition of a door: used to enter and exit a space and is typically a rectangular panel that swings on hinges within a rectangular door frame. OK, simple enough, but doors can be different sizes, made of various materials, such as wood and metal (or combination thereof), as well as painted individual colors – to create a personal touch, and perhaps even, to stand out from the rest.

As I was walking in a nearby village, I couldn’t help but notice the doors, which were not only personalized by choice of color and material, but also by the external hardware (nails, hinges, door knockers, and door knobs) and accessories of glass, bells, buzzers, and curtains. The doors were also in various shapes, in order to accommodate each door’s frame and stonework, exhibiting many ‘faces’: new, shiny, old, weathered, whimsical, and even chateau-like! Each door had it’s own look and personal style, and so, I tried to imagine the corresponding personalities of the inhabitants – based solely on these artfully-exhibited and individually-beautiful doors!

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