A “killer” tote bag

During my recent trip to the Washington DC area, I was browsing in a hair salon waiting area. A shelf full of colorful, alligator-type textured hand clutches caught my eye.


In looking closer, I was shocked at the tag displayed with the bags and really couldn’t believe my eyes!


Why in the world would something like this be on the market & who, in their right mind, would buy one?   Anyone have any thoughts?

Wintery Weather

Cold, ice, & snow – oh my!

Sure, it gets cold in winter months on the French Riviera, but ice and snowy conditions are very rare.  During my recent visit to the Washington D.C. area, there was a winter storm affecting the East coast, and sure enough, I experienced an ice storm, followed by snow accumulations of about 10-12 inches.  Nice to look at, but definitely not the nice/NICE weather I’m used to. Beautiful to look at, but happy to be back home to warmer temps!

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What’s on your bookshelf?

The music featured in this book series video composed by my French father-in-law, who even wrote lyrics based on my book, Solitary Desire – One Woman’s Journey to France. I am touched by his thoughtfulness and gesture of love.

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Fête des Roses

garage sign

Held every year in May, this rose celebration is fun, festive, and of course, smells lovely! Enjoy Colle-sur-Loup, to stroll the flower-filled streets and enjoy the sights and sounds of the day (decorated antique car show, street performers, vendor stands, and lunch)!

directional sign
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American Café & Bistro

During my latest visit to the U.S., I came across a recently opened bistro/café in Fairfax, VA.  You know, the typical mom & pop-type shop with friendly and efficient service.  I was drawn to the all-American table & chairs, wall decorations/signs, and especially the salt & pepper shakers!   And oh, yes – the cappuccino was delicious.  CHARMING – don’t you think?

salt pepper salt & pepper pepper salt jeans covered seat carpe diem table & chairs


Restaurants in THUIR

While in this charming town, in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France, I ate at a local neighborhood café for lunch and at a more upscale restaurant for dinner: good food and excellent service at both (just in case you venture this way, but bring your GPS!) See why HERE

1. Le Café Bleu (lunch):


Gambas flambees a l’Armagnac

Salade au poulet et roquefort

2. La Patio Catalan (dinner):


Lobster soup

Salade frisee

Salad and sardines

Fruit crumble and ice cream