A “French” Manicure

Sephora is a well-known, French brand and chain of cosmetics stores founded in Paris in 1970. Sephora originates from “sephos”, which is Greek for “beauty” and the name Zipporah, the exceptionally beautiful wife of Moses in the Book of Exodus. I love to browse through their store in Nice, which is always full of customers.

I am always surprised that not many women I meet know about “Nail Patch” – an easy-to-apply stick-on nail varnish that lasts about 11 days (depending on the shade you choose, it may last longer).  There is NO need for drying time (see video below) and is removed with nail polish remover.  I have been using this product on and off for years, most recently trying the French manicure (a little more time consuming to apply, but still, easy to do!)

Choices range from pale pink to ruby red and, most recently, patterns such as plaids, stars, and leopard print for the most daring!

Nail Patch de Sephora sur Sephora… par horloge12

For those of you who prefer liquid nail polish, I recently read a nail tip: dip a cotton ball in vinegar, then swipe it over your unpolished nail. Then apply a base coat, polish, and a top coat as you normally would, to make the polish last longer (I have not tried this, so if you have, let me know if it works.)


12 thoughts on “A “French” Manicure

  1. cteachr says:

    Great product!

  2. chef mimi says:

    Funny… the first sephora I ever visited was in that “mall” in Nice – we had 2 teenage daughters with us and they’d had enough go the markets!

  3. That must be the mall “Nice Etoile” in the heart of the city, but Sephora also has its main, larger store on that same street.

  4. evelynhunter says:

    Thanks for the tip! I don’t even want to speculate on the fortune I’ve spent on my nails over the years. I would imagine this helps prevent chipping too? Now I have to see if there is a Sephora in Palm Desert!

    • Yep – no chipping! I have even ordered the nail patch online since the store didn’t have the color I wanted so maybe you can try that. It’s really a great product so let me know what you think after you try it.

  5. colormusing says:

    I’m curious to see if Nail Patch is at Sephora in the US. There are products my daughter bought when she was living in Paris that she’s never been able to find here. I’ll check online too. It sounds great!

  6. Christiane Lloyd says:

    Hallo Kim

    I can not wait to come back to Nice and try this product. Never ever saw it. Thanks for the tip Regards



  7. Thanks, Christiane – is there a Sephora there?

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