New Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant in Nice

In the port of Nice area, you can now find a new vegetarian and vegan restaurant serving natural and fresh foods, lovingly created by Sophie, a Swedish young lady who opened the restaurant in September, 2013.  There was no menu to order from, as the day’s items were all freshly made that morning.  Here’s what was served:

Apero:  apple, lemon, ginger & celery juice

Starter:  natural yogurt with organic granola, goji berries, raisins, & cardamon

Main: Quinoa cake with parmesan and onion, served with avocado stuffed with a chopped apple salsa; tomatoes; figs

Fresh baked bread made with figs, nuts, & herbes de Provence

Dessert: pineapple slices topped with pomegranate seeds, coconut & mint

Service was personable & friendly, seating capacity of 12-14, and everything was fresh and delicious, not to mention healthy!  The restaurant is also a café, book exchange location, host for workshops, and caters to an international community.  Mangez sain!

“Nice Life Café & Healthy Food at 15 Bd. Lech Walesa, Nice


4 thoughts on “New Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant in Nice

  1. frank says:

    Beautiful pictures. This new veg resto has my attention, if for nothing else, the delicious-sounding bread!

  2. Thanks, Frank – the bread was indeed delicious!

  3. When we visited Provence and Normandy a few years ago, I was surprised at how few non-meat/seafood choices there seem to be. In a land where the produce is so wonderful, it seems a shame that so often it’s relegated to an accompaniment. Of course, most of the food is wonderful, but I’d expect many more veggie choices.


  4. Thanks for commenting, Janet. Change is happening, albeit slowly, although in the larger cities, there are definitely more veggie choices nowadays. Sometimes, restaurants will make, upon request, a veggie plate for vegetarians.

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