What’s Your Desire / Life Dream ?

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A story of a woman in love with all things French, who accomplishes her dreams through hard work and determination – driven by the overwhelming desire to be who and where she was meant to be.  Inspirational and engaging – the perfect read for those who wish to pursue their own life dreams.

(Written by a professional copywriter & editor)

Date Published: January 19, 2013

Genre:   Non-fiction memoir/Travelogue

Formats Available:  E-book and Paperback

Customer Reviews:   View here

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2 thoughts on “What’s Your Desire / Life Dream ?

  1. cteachr says:

    My life’s desire is to live by the ocean, for a year at least. I plan on reading how you accomplished yours. Should be some good summer reading as I travel to the ocean.

  2. I’m an ocean person too vs. mountains, although ironically I don’t like to swim – I find the sight and sound soothing and love to walk along the surf in the sand.

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