Huh? Je n’y comprends rien!

As an update to my previous post and updates with deadlines, problems, and photo:

There is a new decree dated March 1, 2013, which states that a fine will no longer be enforced for drivers who do not have the breathalyzer kit in their vehicle.

Source: Nice Matin (link to article in French)

OK, I know what I think, but would like to hear your thoughts/comments ??

6 thoughts on “Huh? Je n’y comprends rien!

  1. Joelle Becker says:

    Yes, it is quite true. Minister Manuel Vals said: “Je reporte «sine die» les éthylotests obligatoires dans les voitures”, which means it might happen one day …or never.

  2. colormusing says:

    Attendez– you’re required to have the kit in your car, but there are no consequences if you don’t? (Is this just a marketing scheme for the kit manufacturers?)

  3. Oui..non – the problem is/was the supply couldn’t meet the demand so they are not enforcing the fines, but the new law still stands that a kit is required 🙂 Typical French bureaucratic logic!

  4. cteachr says:

    But does the law require the driver to use the breathalyzer or just have it in his car? Is it one of those devices that won’t let you start the car if your blow over the limit? If not, I don’t see it’s purpose other than create jobs for the manufacturers, as mentioned in the article. Do they have these in rental cars for the tourists too?

    • Hi – the law requires that each vehicle must have a breathalyzer in the car, so that it can be used by the driver if stopped by the police and they suspect drunk driving. Yes, the kit is supposed to be in all rental cars, as well as in scooters over 50cc size. Hope this helps and thank you for commenting.

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