La Vie en Rose…Petals

The French Riviera is well known for its Mediterranean-style cuisine, featuring tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil, and its beautiful, azur blue sea: ingredients, indeed, for “la vie en rose”!  But, there is an additional specialty, specific to this area, included in MY “vie en rose” — jam made with real rose petals – it actually smells and tastes like roses.  This jam, made and sold by Florian is one of many flavored-jams, made from flowers, at their main candy factory, “Confiserie Florian” founded in 1921, located just outside of Nice; they also have a smaller facility at the port in Nice. They provide free, guided tours followed by a free tasting of their specialties.

Here’s a silky, piano bar/jazzy version of this iconic song, to listen to while looking at the below photos:

I did a guided tour of their main factory years ago, which was very interesting, and their candies and jams make lovely gifts — special souvenirs to savor from this area!

Rose jam

Rose jam

florian jamOrange, Lemon, & Grapefruit jam


2 thoughts on “La Vie en Rose…Petals

  1. Lisaman says:

    That rose jam sounds delicious

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