Jamais deux sans trois! (Things come in threes)

1.  We had a roof leak a few weeks ago that required major repair!

2.  One door closes & another opens – literally !

Out with the old…..meaning literally out(side), since I was locked out of the house last evening!

In with the new…..meaning literally a new door lock installed this morning!

After drilling out the keyhole, it turns out that the exterior side of the lock was broken, but once inside we could lock the door – who knew a lock had two independent sides?


The locksmith came back this morning to install the replacement lock, which I think is too new and shiny looking, not to mention an ugly key.


3. Clogged tub and sink drains – plumber here now.

What can one do!? C’est la vie! At least maybe I’m done now and have my 3 things out of the way for 2013!


2 thoughts on “Jamais deux sans trois! (Things come in threes)

  1. It’s all subjective, but I like the new key color. anyway, I think all keys for today’s “burglar-proof” locks have the same look. Thank goodness, any problems with our roof would be the responsibility of the building.

  2. Thanks, you’re right – it’s ALL subjective because these things are minor and fixable in the overall scheme of things.

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