One Winter Day in Provence

 IMG_0007       On a grey morning, Provençale fields are barren and brown.


The cuts into the hillside are also brown and lifeless.


Some fields spring eternal with dustings of greenery.


While Fall leaves hang on tightly,


Some without sucess.


Undressed vines unprotected from the elements.


And trees stripped and beheaded, waiting for the salvation of Spring.


9 thoughts on “One Winter Day in Provence

  1. I would so love to visit here. For now I will just have to savor all the wonderful pictures …. Thank you for sharing these.
    Love and blessings

  2. Theadora says:

    What a lovely nod to Provence! Your photographs and words work well together. I especially like the clouds in the top shot. Moody-bluesy! T.

  3. Thank you (love the Moody Blues music by the way!)

  4. colormusing says:

    I love these winter garden photos… Having grown up in the Northwest (where Washington lives up to its nickname: The Evergreen State), it wasn’t until I lived in Ohio for almost 25 years that I really started to appreciate the subtle beauty of winter where almost nothing is evergreen. I grew grapes myself in Ohio, and I came to the conclusion that nothing looks more dead in winter— but comes back to life so dramatically in spring— than grapes.

  5. I agree – I think the contrasts in color and feel makes each season’s arrival more significant. (I lived next door in PA!)

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