Pop-up-Cinema without Pop-corn

I recently went to see the 1955 movie “To Catch A Thief,” starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, shown at a local pub over lunch of antipasto and wine. Organized by Christine Thomas of Pop-Up Cinema, held in the vaulted basement of the Snug restaurant in Old Nice, and sponsored by Nice Tea Co., the film featured various locations on the French Riviera: Eze, Monaco, Nice, St. Jeannet, and Cannes. Reportedly, Grace Kelly met Prince Ranier at the Cannes Film Festival, just after the release of this film.

It was a very pleasant way to spend a leisurely Sunday afternoon, traveling backwards in time to familiar places.  It’s amusing to watch an old film, with its iconic music and superimposed images, compared with today’s super and realistic special effects.  I also happened to see a deux chevaux car from the late 1950’s, which perfectly matched the theme of today’s movie – charmant!


6 thoughts on “Pop-up-Cinema without Pop-corn

  1. An iconic film for any lover of the French Riviera, particularly seen from a continent away. AND a first peek at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes (with the “sexy” fireworks in the background)! After that, how could it be anything other than a disapointment in real life?

  2. Definitely a classic – the superimposed images were amusing though. Thanks for commenting.

  3. colormusing says:

    Love the pop-up cinema concept!! Not to mention the Deux Chevaux. C’etait un jour des chose classiques!

  4. jimkane says:

    The car is a wonderful touch to the setting!

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