Brasserie near the Negresco

I had lunch recently right around the corner at “Brasserie des Chauffeurs,” a family-run restaurant situated on Rue de France near Rue de Rivoli  (behind the Negresco Hotel and diagonally across from behind the Musée Massena).  The owners and their two sons work together to make sure everyone is taken care of efficiently, giving great service in a friendly, neighborly atmosphere.

It was a hot, summer day, so I ordered  “une pression” (beer on tap) and “une omelette au fromage” with fries.  I really like their hot mustand – it’s enough to blow your head off, if not your socks 🙂   Generally speaking, the French here like to dip their fries in mustard, and the Belgians prefer mayonnaise, although ketchup is available here too.

The ‘pièce de resistance’ was the cappucino – in my opinion, it’s the best I’ve tasted in Nice – lots of foam sprinkled with chocolate, creamy coffee and not too strong – a delicious way to end the meal!

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