New Starbucks – A Taste Test

As an update to my previous post regarding the first Starbuck’s on the French Riviera, I decided to check it out personally. I wanted to see if it was a ‘real’ Starbucks or a French version of Starbucks. Sure enough, it looked authentique in decor, but the true test would be a taste test – I ordered a simple Cappucino. I didn’t see the usual banana nut bread or pumpkin bread, that I always ordered in the States, but they did have a “Cake Thé Vert” (green tea cake with cranberries) which looked good – both the coffee and cake were delicious. It seemed a little pricey to me, but compared to U.S. prices, it may be the same difference now (comments welcome).

Keeping with standard procedure, they asked my first name and wrote it on the cup when I ordered and even sold bags of coffee beans. I was there at 11:00 a.m. and it was busy, but not packed. Being right next to Galeries Lafayette department store is an advantage to attract mall traffic, no doubt, although it’s not IN Nice, which could be a disadvantage. It will be interesting to watch how it develops.


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