Hurry! “Tous au Restaurant” Event Reservations

Official website photo

Reservations start Wednesday September 5th at 10:00 a.m. for this year’s event! Held from September 17 until Sunday, September 23 to “celebrate France’s diversity and culinary heritage,” the event is to get everyone to dine out and experience a restaurant’s “savoir-faire” for their particular/regional cuisine.

“one menu purchased = one complimentay menu” (drinks not included)

“In all participating restaurants, the owner offers the second guest a complimentary “Tous au Restaurant” menu, which includes a starter, a main course and a dessert. The menu will be on offer at lunch and dinner, weekend is optional.”

There are currently five restaurants listed for Nice , so Dépechez-vous! (Hurry up!)

You must register on the website, where you can also search for a particular city’s participating restaurants and obtain more information.

Source: Official event website


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