Chinese restaurant in Nice

If you are looking for a non-French menu type meal, I can personally recommend a Chinese restaurant (even has a take-out option) that is on rue de la Buffa, around the corner from rue de Rivoli. You will see a lot of Asian diners eating here, as the food is authentic, delicious, and good value.  The owner and his wife are very welcoming, friendly, and provide excellent service.

I always order from the the 18€ menu (choice of starter/main course/dessert): nems or spring rolls, shrimp with basil with fried rice, ice cream; however, they have a large selection on their menu to choose from. You may even see a cute ‘diner’ at a nearby table!

Nems (4 served)

Spring Rolls (Rouleau de Printemps) 2 served

Shrimp with basil (Crevettes au basilic)

Fried rice (Riz cantonais)

Ice cream (Glace au chocolat et vanille)

(This is a NON-paid personal recommendation)


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