“11eme Art” : A nice Nice restaurant

Last evening, I had dinner at 11eme Art, with its upscale modern interior and known for its “creative cuisine.”

As it’s one of my favorite restaurants in Nice for a special occasion; I have eaten there several times (am now recognized) and haven’t been disappointed. The attentive service equals the presentation of the food, as each course is served with attention to detail. Admittedly, my food critique is limited, as I have always ordered the (chalkboard listed) “Menu Saveur”: a smorgasbord of six courses – a creative mix of flavors, elegantly and artfully presented!

The ambiance is friendly and professional, with a small lounge-type area for having drinks and a terrace for dining al fresco. It was delicious, as usual, but I noted a minor glitch this time (* below, as my personal opinion) — here’s what I ate and felt pleasantly full afterwards:


Véloute d’aspèrges (asperagus soup)

Tarte de Haddock fumé et mousse saffron (Smoked haddock and saffron mousse)

Gambas purée d’artichauts (Shrimp with artichoke puree) – *serving 2 or 3 shrimp would present better

Boeuf façon wok et petits légumes (Beef with vegetables)

Mousse yaourt (Yogurt mousse)

Tartare d’ananas au basilic (Pineapple crumble with pineapple sorbet)


Note: Missing this evening was “11eme Art ” artfully written in chocolate on the rim of the dessert plates – the restaurant was very busy, so maybe the chef eliminated his “signature” work of art!  


2012 All photos © 24/7 in France


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