Paris & New York City – a comparison!

Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

As an analogy for those who have never traveled to the States, I have always used the simile of Paris being like the city of New York. Of course, Paris isn’t France, and New York isn’t America; however, the two cities do provide a vivid image for comparison! Having been to New York several times, and having lived in Paris, there are indeed many similarities:

  • songs that are associated with & identify each city
  • the constant movement of people rushing from point A to point B
  • the continual buzz of activity and traffic
  • public transportation (metro & subway)
  • haute couture fashion/designers & luxurious lifestyles
  • museums, cafes, & restaurants
  • tourism & symbolic landmarks
  • identity through the local cuisine
  • descriptive taglines (City of Light & The Big Apple)
  • rivers running through each city & green space areas/parks
  • lights of the Eiffel Tower and lights in Time Square

I happen to come across a site that visually compares icons of these two great cities, “Paris versus New York City – A Tally of Two Cities” — the author visually exemplifies these two cities, through his maps and prints collection – cute, amusing, and a great tale of the two cities!

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