Top 5 in Nice — To do/see & To be street smart

5 Things to See/Do in Nice:

1 – Old Town: Cours Saleya daily food/flower Market (Monday is antiques) & Palais Lascaris

2 – Place Massena & its Apollo fountain

3 – Negresco Hotel: tourists are prohibited from the main entrance — but, you can have a drink at the hotel bar, called Le Relais (separate entrance on rue Rivoli next to the main hotel entrance) and then exit through the hotel lobby to see it and to stroll discreetly through the surrounding areas (i.e. Versailles Room and central domed room & shops)

4 – Fenocchio Ice Cream in Place Rossetti, with its 94 ice cream flavors (fruits/vegetables/flowers) to choose from (there are other ice cream shops that use a similar name, which can confuse tourists)

5 – Place Garibaldi: reknowned for its array of building frescos, outdoor cafes, and oyster bars; the nearby port has been revamped and is a lively area to stroll around, as well.

5 Things to be Aware of in Nice:

1 – Nice is relatively safe, but as in any city, be aware of your surroundings, especially if you must walk alone late at night.

2 – The area around/behind the Notre Dame church (situated on Jean-Medecin) can be disconcerting, especially at night.

3 – Pickpockets target foreigners, especially on crowded public transportation. Keep car doors locked and windows up while driving to avoid car theft, with someone breaking the window to grab your purse/bag and driving off (rental cars are especially targeted while stopped at red lights) – do not keep your purse visibly on your lap or on the seat!

4 – Taxi scams can occur when the driver discreetly resets the meter, just before reaching your destination; always look at the meter reading when you get in and immediately ask for a receipt, which is a deterrant. My personal recommendation is to use “Friend in France” – an English speaking, reliable, and honest taxi service.

5 – Avoid the unexpected: do your research/homework before arriving, to know bus/train schedules, museum hours, etc.

* If you have a specific question, feel free to add a comment and/or E-mail me.


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