“Bien dans sa peau!” (To feel good about oneself)

En principe, the image of the French Riviera is fashion, chic style, elegance, etc. with everyone walking around dressed to the nine’s in Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior! (fashion show videos)

En realité, Nice is a multi-cultural city, with a wide diversity of people with their own style (so to speak!).

It seems to me that anything goes here, no matter what age — for example, I have seen a middle-aged lady with carrot-orange hair color, another lady with purple hair, and a quite eldery lady with bright cherry-red hair color. My first reaction was negative, but then I thought, you know what — bravo to these women, for having the guts to do/wear what they want, and if they are content with it, then who am I to judge?  These ladies seemed quite comfortable with how they looked (whether intending to make a statement or not!) and were obviously “bien dans leurs peau”!


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