And …..they’re off – at the racetrack near Nice!

Being a longtime equestrian and horse owner, I decided to attend a nearby town’s racetrack, for a different form of entertainment (I also had a reduced price ticket to use)! While I had seen steeplechase racing (amusing video) and regular flat races with jockeys on horseback, I had never been to see “trotters” (harness/sulky racing).

It was interesting and turned out to also be a family-oriented type evening, with children helping parents decide what to bet on, while having dinner and fun together. After I had a glass of champagne (I left the Ascot-look chic hat at home!), I decided to have dinner there too – especially since the betting windows were just a couple of feet away. So, while dining, you could watch the races through the large windows, with larger TV’s showing close-up views around the track. The food was delicious, nicely presented (bien sûr) with friendly service, and not overly priced — a truly affordable and fun time!

My high-roller bet was the minimum allowed: 2€ — for a finish of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place for me to win — and win I did! — getting back 3-4€ for my bet, in three different races! In the other races, my picks were disqualified, resulting from an observation van ‘running’ alongside the racers, for a super closeup view of any infractions — I never found out what they had done to be eliminated (break out of their trot, perhaps?). Although, I definitely prefer the traditional style of jockeys on horses, sans le sulky, it was a great way to experience something different from the daily rat race!


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