Practice makes perfect (or, at least, helps a lot)!

I knew a Hungarian man who had lived thirty-plus years in the U.S., and so, spoke wonderful English; however, he once told me that when he counted or did any kind of math calculation, he always reverted to his native language. I agree – numbers are the most difficult to internalize in a foreign language, but there is hope: with repetition and practice, they become less brain intensive, and thereby, more easily assimilated. That being said, phone numbers being quickly rattled off are especially challenging – sometimes, even in one’s own language!

Les Nombres – See if you can determine the corresponding numbers:

1. trois cent quatre-vingt-treize
2. quarante-huit
3. huit mille sept
4. mille cent un
5. sept cent treize
6. deux mille onze
7. un million quatorze
8. quatre-vingt deux
9. cinquante
10.quinze mille
11.mille neuf cent
12.trois mille
13.deux cent seize
14.trois milliards
15.soixante seize
16.quatre-vingt onze
17.trente huit
19.quatre-vingt douze
20.soixante dix-neuf

Answers: 1=393/2=48/3=8,007/4=1,101/5=713/6=2,011/7=1,000,014/8=82/9=50/10=15,000/11=1,900/12=3,000/13=216/14=3,000,000,000/15=76/16=91/17=38/18=20/19=92/20=79


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