My daily addiction (entre nous) – boulangerie in Nice !

Just up the street from where I work, there is a bakery (one of about a zillion in Nice), which is efficiently run, not expensive, and of course, très bon! You might be surprised that all baguettes are not the same – believe it or not, I have had some that tasted like cardboard, or just had no taste! Just yesterday, I bought a croissant at another bakery, since I was passing by and too lazy to walk up to my preferred one – what a mistake! I ended up throwing half of it away, as it had a heavy texture, didn’t have much taste, and felt like lead in my stomach –quel horreur!

So, I’m staying loyal! At the Boulangerie Pierre Bordonnat, my daily addiction is the ‘cannelé’ – the little rum-flavored sponge-cake – un delice, just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, as dessert after eating one of their mini-sandwiches (on a mini baguette, bien sûr!).

What makes ‘my’ bakery extra special is that the boulanger (baker) won the Best Baguette award in 2010, for the entire Alpes-Maritime region, not just the city of Nice! Well deserved – I even buy one to take home on the scooter or bus, to eat with dinner or freeze for the next morning’s breakfast.

I asked Madame Bordonnat (the baker’s wife) what makes their baguette the best, since the basic ingredients (flour, water, salt) are common to all baguettes. She explained that they use a special (artisanal) flour from Paris and liquid natural yeast, taking the time to let it rise and to bake properly – it comes down to just the right balance of a number of factors, plus a special technique – Monsieur Bordonnat has been a boulanger for 24 years, getting up each morning at 3h30!

Congratulations to M/Mme. BORDONNAT & the entire team:
Lucie and Manon (serveuses), Manollo (assistant baker), and Rocco (sandwich maker). The quality of their service = the quality of the baguette (top rate)!

So, comme d’habitude (as usual), I’ll be back tomorrow!

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