Homestyle French cooking

There is a French restaurant that opened in 2011, where the specialty is traditional, bistro-style French cooking. For the location, the owner, Christine, chose a blue-collar working neighborhood in Nice, “un vrai quartier,” where people work and live, as it’s near the new Coulée Verte and Théatre de Nice. Of course, the restaurant also welcomes and caters to tourists, as Christine speaks fluent/excellent English, and the restaurant is within walking proximity to Old Town.

Previously owning a restaurant in the 9th arrondissement in Paris, the owner says it was a “coup de foudre” (love at first sight), when she visited the current Nice location, now with intimate and welcoming decor due to her added personal style.
Her warm smile, bubbly personality, and high standard of service make dining at her restaurant pleasant and relaxing – I personally like the (just the right volume) jazz music that she usually plays during lunch time.

Gilles, a lifelong chef, worked in one and two Michelin star restaurants in Switzerland, Paris, Lille, and the Savoie region of France. He introduces new menus regularly and everything is prepared on the spot, using only fresh products.

So, the next time you are in Nice and want to eat a delicious meal where locals go, try out Le 7eme Sens and tell Christine, “Bonjour de ma part” (Hello from me)!


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