Belly up to the bar – new restaurant in Nice !

The other day, my colleague bought a salad for lunch from a new restaurant, just down the street from the office. OK, so what? Well, in France, a salad composee is a salad composed by the chef: using a variety of of ingredients , such as artichokes, hard-boiled egg, beets, rice, corn, etc. all individually arranged on the plate, and sometimes, the salad is just a mixed salad of various ingredients – it really depends on the chef’s creativity and the individual restaurant.

So, what’s the big deal – soup and salad bars have been around quite a while in the U.S.; however, this type of restaurant is a fairly new concept in Nice – but still, it’s not the trough style/make it yourself salad bar – the salad is composed by un serveur/une serveuse. Yet, just imagine here – choosing personalized ingredients for your own salad (the heading on the salad choices menu even says “the freedom to create your salad”)

Apparently, the concept has caught on, as this place, Au Gubernatis, is packed at lunchtime! It also looks different from the typical French bistro-type restaurant – with modern, upscale decor – I really like the funky, colorful lights!

Of course, they also serve sandwiches, soups, and regional specialties, to attract numerous customers and as a way to compose their own clientele!


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